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Jobs quality fry from wild caught parents. SPECIAL!!! in GILBERTON, Queensland for sale

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For quickest response, please call me or send me a text message. I don't check emails as often.
I again have some really good quality Burundi and Kigoma Frontosa available for sale.
These are fry from my wild caught colonies that were imported 3-5 years ago in several shipments.
Buyers can view my certificates of origin⁄import documents showing that my breeding colonies are wild caught.
They would be great for breeders looking for a very pure and new blood line as many Frontosa have been bred down significantly in quality.
The fry are looking really good with stronger coloration and bars than what I have seen before so they would also be stunning display fish. There is only a very limited number of fry available, so don't miss this opportunity to secure a fresh bloodline of Burundi Frontosa, which are the ones who get the biggest humps of all Frontosa or even some of the rarer 7-bar Kigoma Frontosa.
Please note that I’m not like a fish shop as I always have the fish caught and ready for pick-up when the buyer arrives. It takes a while to get rocks etc. out and then catch fish in different tanks so it’s best for all parties to have this done before people arrive. I also breed some fish that are very skittish and difficult, hence disturbances must be kept to a minimum. I supply some of the better aquarium shops in South East Queensland, so my fish are great quality and coloration.
The fish will be caught and waiting for you in a container with an air stone and Stress Coat, all ready for pick up and a safe journey to a new home when you arrive at the agreed time.
Please note that as these are fry, they cannot be sexed yet.
F1 Burundi Frontosa. Limited availability. Minimum buy is 2.
(F1 means first generation after wild caught parents. That's top quality fish!)
About 30-40mm: 2 for $60 or 10 for $270
4 for $95 of the 30-40mm ones (must mention this ad as they are advertised elsewhere at $30ea)
About 50-60mm: 2 for $70 or 10 for $320
About 70-90mm: 2 for $80 or 10 for $360
F1 Kigoma (7-bar) Frontosa. Very limited availability.
(F1 means first generation after wild caught parents. That's top quality fish!)
About 25-35mm: $35ea minimum buy 2.
I also breed many other types of African Cichlids. If you might be interested, please do a Australialisted search for "African Cichlids" and type in "Ormeau" and "+⁄-0km" as location. All my 20+ ads should then appear.
Pick up from Ormeau.
Please bring your own container⁄bucket or esky for transporting them in.
Professional shipping with courier to non-remote areas of QLD⁄NSW⁄VIC could be arranged for prepaid orders of 10 or more Frontosa. Shipping to your door will be around $50 and the next shipping date is around early October 2016.
As I buy fish food in bulk, if you buy fish from me I can also offer food at lower prices. Great for growth, health and colouration. Concentrated food, last a long time:
Natural colour enhancing fine Cichlid growth pellets for young fish, 250g: $12
Natural colour enhancing 2mm Cichlid pellets for fish 50mm and over, 250g: $12
Fry micro pellets. Great stage 1 food for fry 10-20mm: 200g: $12
---------------- FINTASTIC CICHLIDS ORMEAU – Like us on Facebook -----------------------------