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Lombardoi breeding colony.....BARGAIN! in GILBERTON, Queensland for sale

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For quickest response, please call me or send me a text message. I don't check emails as often.
A young breeding colony of nice Lombardoi is up for sale at a bargain price!
This is an active and colourful African Cichlid that changes colours. Females keep their juvenile light and dark blue bars while the males go a stunning bright yellow at about 70mm, so both males and females are very nice as opposed to many other African Cichlids where females stay brown⁄grey. A very popular fish well worth breeding as they are some of the nicest looking African Cichlids as young fry.
It looks like about 5-6 males and 6-7 females. Sizes are about 60-100mm.
$95 for the 12, that’s less than $8ea for breeders!!!
I also have fry available:
About 30-40mm…….......6 for $35
About 50-70mm…….......6 for $45
Display males at about 70-90mm......3 for $40
MINIMUM TOTAL BUY IS 6 LOMBARDOI (or 3 for the display males)
I also breed many other types of African Cichlids. If you might be interested, please do a Australialisted search for "African Cichlids" and type in "Ormeau" and "+⁄-0km" as location. All my 20+ ads should then appear.
Pick up from Ormeau only, no shipping.
Please bring your own container for transport as I don't have oxygen to bag fish.
Please note that I’m not like a fish shop as I always have the fish caught and ready for pick-up when the buyer arrives. It takes a while to get rocks etc out and then catch fish in different tanks so it’s best for all parties to have this done before people arrive. I also breed some fish that are very skittish and difficult, hence disturbances must be kept to a minimum. I supply some of the better aquarium shops in South East Queensland, so my fish are great quality and coloration.
The fish will be caught and waiting for you in a container with an air stone and Seachem Stressguard. All ready for pick up and a safe journey to a new home when you arrive at the agreed time.
As I buy fish food in bulk, if you buy fish from me I can also offer food at lower prices. Great for growth, health and colouration. Concentrated food, last a long time:
Advanced natural colour enhancing fine Cichlid pellets for growing fish 20-50mm, 250g: $12
Advanced natural colour enhancing Cichlid pellets for fish 50mm and over, 250g: $12
---------------- FINTASTIC CICHLIDS ORMEAU – Like us on Facebook -----------------------------