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Lombardoi.....colourful African Cichlids. Fry or Breeding colony! in GILBERTON, Queensland for sale

Lombardoi.....colourful African Cichlids. Fry or
Lombardoi.....colourful African Cichlids. Fry or
Lombardoi.....colourful African Cichlids. Fry or
Lombardoi.....colourful African Cichlids. Fry or

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For quickest response, please call me or send me a text message. I don't check emails as often.
Good quality Lombardoi available for sale. This is an active and colourful African Cichlid that changes colours. Females keep their juvenile light and dark blue bars while the males go a stunning bright yellow at about 70mm, so both males and females are very nice as opposed to many other African Cichlids where females stay brown⁄grey.
The photo in the ad is of one of my yellow breeding males for reference. Fry are already very colourful at 30mm. Limited amount of fry available. Sold unsexed, but you should get a good mix.
About 30-40mm…….......6 for $35
About 50-70mm…….......6 for $45
Display males at about 70-90mm......3 for $40
A young colony of nice Lombardoi, looks like 3-4 males and 6-7 females. These fish breed early. Sizes are about 60-100mm. A great cichlid where both males and females have stunning colours, it's also a very popular fish well worth breeding as they are one of the nicest looking African Cichlids as young fry..
$120 for the 10.
MINIMUM TOTAL BUY IS 6 LOMBARDOI (or 3 for the display males)
I also breed many other types of African Cichlids. If you might be interested, please do a Australialisted search for "African Cichlids" and type in "Ormeau" and "+⁄-0km" as location. All my 20+ ads should then appear.
Pick up from Ormeau only, no shipping.
Please bring your own container for transport as I don't have oxygen to bag fish.
Please note that I’m not like a fish shop as I always have the fish caught and ready for pick-up when the buyer arrives. It takes a while to get rocks etc out and then catch fish in different tanks so it’s best for all parties to have this done before people arrive. I also breed some fish that are very skittish and difficult, hence disturbances must be kept to a minimum. I supply some of the better aquarium shops in South East Queensland, so my fish are great quality and coloration.
The fish will be caught and waiting for you in a container with an air stone and Seachem Stressguard. All ready for pick up and a safe journey to a new home when you arrive at the agreed time.
As I buy fish food in bulk, if you buy fish from me I can also offer food at lower prices. Great for growth, health and colouration. Concentrated food, last a long time:
Advanced natural colour enhancing fine Cichlid pellets for growing fish 20-50mm, 250g: $12
Advanced natural colour enhancing Cichlid pellets for fish 50mm and over, 250g: $12
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